Songs by George Harrison Volume One

George Harrison

No longer available

  • ISBN: 090435136X
  • Deluxe edition: 2500 copies
Songs by George Harrison Volume One

Signed by: George Harrison, Keith West

Contributors: Keith West, Jeff Lynne, Elton John

Binding: Three-quarter leather with gilt tooling.

Box: A hand-made Solander box.

Extras: CD or Vinyl: 4-tracks 'Sat Singing' (Recorded March 1980), 'Lay His Head' (Recorded April 1980), 'For You Blue' (Recorded live in Washington DC, December 1974), 'Flying Hour' (Recorded March 1978)

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In 1985 artist Keith West was introduced to George Harrison and so began a close collaboration to produce a stunning set of watercolours illustrating the composer's many memorable songs.

The method of production entailed the completion of detailed pencil studies after careful discussion on all the lyrics. Keith, one of the finest botanical watercolour artists in the world, soon found himself travelling regularly from his cottage in North Wales to Oxfordshire to discuss with George the interpretations of his song lyrics in order to prepare the illustrations for this volume. To complement these delightful imahes the artist has hand-lettered the words to the songs. The lyrics are emebelished with additional small paintings that posses an irresistable charm.

SONGS BY GEORGE HARRISON is a superb collection of art and is available in two forms: as a deluxe edition book plus record set and as limited edition prints developed from the full-page plates in the book, the larger area allowing further expression of the imagery suggested by the text.

  • Page size: 175mm x 250mm
  • 176 pages

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