Ross Halfin Travels

Ross Halfin


  • ISBN: 9781905662180
  • Deluxe edition: 250 copies
Collector, Deluxe

Signed by: Ross Halfin

Contributors: Jimmy Page, Baron Wolman, Brad Tolinski and Pete Makowski

Paper: 200gsm fine art paper

Binding: Full leather binding with gold and silver blocking.

Box: Japanese-style folding case, cloth-lined interior.

Extras: Deluxe 10" x 8" Giclée print, on heavyweight Photo Rag paper, signed by Ross Halfin

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'Ross Halfin has traveled the world photographing rock stars like Jimmy Page. Along the way he learned a few things about the best lens to travel with and where to find a stunning landscape.' - The New York Times

Ross Halfin is the Editor behind iconic Genesis limited editions: THE WHO LIVE, MAXIMUM WHO and CLASSIC HENDRIX and most recently, worked as Consultant Editor on Jimmy Page's limited edition.

Highly regarded for his work in the field of rock photography with bands such as The Who and artists such as Ronnie Wood, among many others, this book is a collection of the beautifully esoteric photographs taken by Ross in quiet moments, often while on tour.

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'These images represent something else for me altogether - an uncomplicated freedom to enjoy the world my own way. These are pictures of odd things and textures that have caught my eye, that made me slow down, stop, look and feel something.' - Ross Halfin

SOJOURNER features a foreword by Jimmy Page with introductions by Baron Wolman, Brad Tolinski and Pete Makowski.

Each copy in this signed limited edition includes a different photographic print, unique to your copy.

  • Page size: 220mm x 285mm
  • 168 pages
  • 224 images

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