Infinite Universe At Dawn

Yoko Ono


  • ISBN: 9781905662319
  • Collector edition: 1150 copies
Collector, Deluxe
Infinite Universe At Dawn

Collector Edition

Signed by: Yoko Ono

Binding: Quarter-bound in leather with die cut hole to see the sky

Box: Slipcase with leather accents

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For all those that Imagine Peace, YOKO ONO INFINITE UNIVERSE AT DAWN celebrates Yoko Ono's seminal art and activism across eight decades.

Collector copies (copy numbers 351 to 1,500). Collector copies are quarter-bound in soft-grain leather, with a die-cut 'Hole To See The Sky'. The book's 340 pages are edged in silver foil and housed in an embossed slipcase. Deluxe copies (copy numbers 1 to 350 in the limited edition) are now sold out.

YOKO ONO INFINITE UNIVERSE AT DAWN encourages the reader to have an experience of connection and reminds us that, together, we have the power to change the world.

Yoko Ono is signing every book in her limited edition of just 1,500 copies worldwide. Pre-order today.

"Seeds of ideas, like pebbles, were raining through my life. Genesis Publications has captured those seeds and presented them to you here, for your observation, selection and experimentation, to make their destination entirely yours." - Yoko Ono

  • Page size: 250mm x 320mm
  • 320 pages

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