Hamburg Days Prints

Klaus Voormann


  • ISBN: hamburgdaysprints
  • Unframed Print edition: 125 copies
Framed Print, Unframed Print
Hamburg Days Prints

Unframed Print

Signed by: Klaus Voormann

Contributors: Astrid Kirchherr

Paper: Heavyweight acid-free

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In 1995, Genesis Publications commissioned Klaus Voorman to undertake a series of six photo-realistic paintings depicting the years he spent with The Beatles in Hamburg, 1960-62. During this seminal time, while The Beatles honed their stage craft, Klaus studied art at the city’s Meisterschule, stepping in as an occasional bass player for the band (Klaus later recorded on solo albums by George Harrison, John Lennon and Ringo Starr). 

While he is a Grammy-award winning musician, as a visual artist Klaus is perhaps best known for his iconic Beatles Revolver and Anthology album sleeves.

In the creation of his paintings Klaus built sets and used actors to recreate memories from his days with The Beatles. The project grew and a two-volume book publication resulted. In HAMBURG DAYS, Klaus’s paintings and drawings are featured side by side with Astrid Kircherr’s photography from the era.

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Genesis offers the full series of Klaus’s six oil paintings, and six of his drawings, exclusively to collectors. Each artwork is available as a signed limited edition print.
  • Page size: 420mm x 600mm
  • 13 images

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