Golden Dreams

The Beatles 'A Hard Day's Night'

Astrid Kirchherr, Max Scheler


  • ISBN: 090435153X
  • Deluxe edition: 2500 copies
Golden Dreams

Signed by: Astrid Kirchherr, Max Scheler.

Paper: Archival art paper.

Binding: Bound in black cloth with gilt tooling, and a choice of image inset onto front cover.

Box: Cloth-covered slipcase, silk-screen printed with gilt tooling.

Extras: Please call us with your order to select a choice of portrait (either 'Paul', 'John', 'George' or 'Ringo') to be inset onto the front cover of your book. Tel.+44(0)1483-540-970

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GOLDEN DREAMS is a photographic journey accompanying The Beatles during the filming of A Hard Day's Night in Liverpool, 1964. The limited edition book presents Astrid Kirchherr and Max Scheler's unpublished pictures of The Beatles, the Liverpool music scene's early-60s explosion, and the phenomenon of the Merseybeat.

The Beatles first visited Hamburg in 1960. Then and during subsequent visits to the city, they learned their craft as musicians and performers and met with Astrid Kirchherr, a budding photographer who quickly became close friends with the band. Later, Astrid became engaged to The Beatles' original bass-player, Stuart Sutcliffe.

It was four years later when Astrid (together with Max Scheler) visited The Beatles on their home turf and took the photographs which appear in GOLDEN DREAMS. In the short period between Hamburg and A Hard Day's Night, The Beatles had transformed into an internationally-acclaimed rock band with a huge American following. Astrid's lens focuses on them in private as well as public moments during filming, and her documentary portraits of Liverpool at this time depict the passion and poverty of its people. GOLDEN DREAMS is a moving testament to the inspirational effect of The Beatles success on their hometown as well as a historic account of the band's metamorphic rise to superstardom.

Astrid Kirchherr: "These photos were taken in the spring of 1964. It's a time that will always belong to The Beatles. No other journalists were allowed near them at that time. They were so busy that Brian Epstein had ruled that they should not be bothered by the press. So Max and I were very lucky: they were good to Max and they treated me as they always had, like an old friend."

  • Page size: 270mm x 250mm
  • 122 pages
  • 125 images


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