Early Dylan

The Limited Edition

Barry Feinstein, Daniel Kramer, Jim Marshall

No longer available

  • ISBN: 0904351769
  • Deluxe edition: 250 copies
Early Dylan

Contributors: Arlo Guthrie

Binding: Full black leather with images of Bob Dylan blocked in white foil on the front and back boards, and the book title blocked in white on the spine

Box: Slipcase covered in black buckram silk-screened in white

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Genesis Publications' EARLY DYLAN: THE LIMITED EDITION is available in an edition of just 250 numbered copies. EARLY DYLAN presents the black-and-white images (many published here for the first time) and recollections of three of the finest photographers of the Sixties, capturing Bob Dylan between 1963 and 1966.
  • Page size: 280mm x 245mm
  • 96 pages

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