Dylan in Woodstock

A Signed Limited Edition Book

Elliott Landy


  • ISBN: 0904351742
  • Collector edition: 1650 copies
Collector, Deluxe
Dylan in Woodstock

Signed by: Elliott Landy

Paper: 200gsm matt art acid-free paper

Binding: Craftsman-bound in brown suede, with 'Nashville Skyline' screen-printed cover.

Box: Slipcase silk-screened with a portrait of Dylan, with suede detailing.

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Rolling Stone: 'The most wonderful photographs of Dylan.'

DYLAN IN WOODSTOCK is a book of perhaps the most intimate photographs of Bob Dylan ever taken and a fascinating insight into one of the most intriguing phases of his career.

The newly married Dylan retreated to the sleepy Catskills town in 1966 to enjoy a more relaxed pace of life with his family. It became a period of extraordinary creativity. Elliot Landy's beautifully atmospheric and informal photographs capture Dylan as he's never been seen since relaxing on the porch, throwing out the trash, bouncing on a trampoline, visiting the local bakery and include the iconic portrait on the cover of Nashville Skyline.

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Bob Dylan, portrait by Elliott Landy

Q Magazine: 'Beautifully simple images of those rustic Woodstock days have been brought together in this luxurious, suede-bound volume that, whether it's Bob taking out the trash or Bob in the sun-dappled reverie of creation, reveals a relaxed side to the man rarely seen.'

The Guardian: 'In virtually every photograph, he seems contented, at ease with himself in a way that he had not been before, nor, for that matter, has been since.'

  • Page size: 340mm x 240mm
  • 144 pages
  • 182 images


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