A Day In The Life

Photographs of The Beatles by Michael Ward

Michael Ward


  • ISBN: 9781905662036
  • Deluxe edition: 750 copies
A Day In The Life

Signed by: Michael Ward

Contributors: Andrew Thompson

Paper: Heavyweight 300gsm archival paper

Binding: Midnight blue Indian silk with gold blocking and copper page edging

Box: Midnight blue Indian silk with gold and copper blocking.

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A DAY IN THE LIFE by award-winning photo-journalist, Michael Ward, introduces rare photographs that capture 24 hours with The Beatles on February 19, 1963 – a day of singular historical importance.

Ward's photographs of The Beatles on the cusp of Beatlemania beautifully portray the band strolling through the streets and along the docks of Liverpool, at Brian Epstein's NEMS offices, even rehearsing and performing one of their final gigs at The Cavern.

A DAY IN THE LIFE is an edition of only 750 sets; each is hand-signed by Ward. An Indian silk-bound case carries a limited edition book – as well as 24 large format prints.

"Michael Ward just happened to be shooting the Beatles the day they reached No. 1 for the first time… They had woken that morning as aspiring pop idols. They went to bed that night as stars." – The Sunday Times

  • Page size: 430mm x 320mm
  • 64 pages
  • 2075 words
  • 24 images


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