News - 03 Apr 2014

The Epitome of Style

Paul Weller is releasing his own clothing line: Real Stars Are Rare. The collection features a number of classic pieces, designed by Paul himself, and will be available online from August at

‘I always had an idea of what the epitome of style was. This collection could be from a lot of different eras, but it could also only be from today. It's important to get the cuts right and retain total control over it.’ - Paul Weller, Huffington Post, March 25th 2014

Paul Weller’s artistic flair and attention to detail are also being applied to the design of his forthcoming limited edition. Each book will be hand-bound in Milan, and signed by Paul as a mark of his approval. You can register your interest below.

Right: An outtake from Lawrence’s Watson’s archives, soon to be showcased in Paul Weller’s limited edition.

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