News - 09 Mar 2016

George Martin 1926 - 2016

Sir George Martin passed away peacefully at home on Tuesday, aged 90. The Martin family have expressed thanks for the messages of support, and Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr have been among those paying tribute.

'I have so many wonderful memories of this great man that will be with me forever. He was a true gentleman and like a second father to me. He guided the career of The Beatles with such skill and good humour that he became a true friend to me and my family.' - Paul McCartney

'God bless George Martin peace and love to Judy and his family. George will be missed.' - Ringo Starr

Genesis readers will remember two editions authored by Sir George. The first, Playback, was an illustrated memoir published in 2002. An illustrated book on the making of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band followed in 2006, entitled Summer of Love. On both occasions, it was a privilege for Genesis to work with George and our thoughts are with his wife Judy, his son Giles, and all the Martin family.

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