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A Hard Day's Night turns 50 this Sunday, July 6th.

A Hard Day's Night 50th Anniversary

A Hard Day’s Night 
turns 50 this Sunday, July 6th. To celebrate the anniversary, a remastered version of A Hard Day’s Night is being released, with the approval of director Richard Lester and sound producer Giles Martin.

Described by Ringo Starr in PHOTOGRAPH as ‘really far out,’ The Beatles’ film debut was captured on camera by Astrid Kichherr and Max Scheler.

With intimate access to the band, Astrid and Max uniquely document the making of A Hard Day’s Night. They share their photographs and memories in GOLDEN DREAMS, which is available to order now.

‘They were still young and irreverent, and they didn’t take it all that seriously. It was a laugh, as it always had been. They would lark about on set and it was a very familiar atmosphere. John would be cracking jokes and Richard Lester would sometimes collapse with laughter. At the same time, they were professionals.’ – Astrid Kirchherr in GOLDEN DREAMS


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