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While You Were Out... David Bowie Called

In a move that will delight Bowie fans and Genesis book collectors alike, David Bowie is signing copies of Geoff MacCormack's From Station To Station  available to purchase from Genesis Publications today.

Geoff MacCormack's tales of his travels with Bowie from '73-76 have already earned his fascinating book five star reviews, with Goldmine describing the book as "leather-bound, gold-trimmed and so full of great, candid pictures that you feel by the end of it that you yourself were on tour with Bowie - without the sex, drugs and rock and roll, of course."

We are delighted and honoured to announce David Bowie's participation; it offers a remarkable close to our 35th anniversary year.
David Bowie: "What a terrifically clever idea this is. Take the two of us and pretend that we went to America, Japan and, wait for it, fing Russia of all places... and then write a book about it. Brilliant!"

In the new year we will be outlining a scheme whereby readers who already own a copy of From Station To Station may, if they wish, submit their book to Genesis for the addition of the 'While You Were Out' bookplate. This is in thanks for your support, and will be a complimentary service, provided you are able to cover shipping to the Genesis office. More details to be announced soon.

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