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Offset 2009 Q&A Session with Sir Peter Blake

The Offset 2009 festival kicks off this week in Dublin, Ireland to celebrate the work of the graphic designer and illustrator, and culminates this weekend with a 3-day conference and seminar by these designers for their peers. Top of the bill and appearing this Saturday, 8th November, will be Sir Peter Blake who will be on hand for a 50-minute Q&A session to talk about his work to date, including his latest venture with Genesis Publications and Brian Wilson THAT LUCKY OLD SUN.

Tickets are now fully subscribed for this event, but interviews with Sir Peter will be broadcast on Irish TV/Radio via RTE and, of course, we will have a feature on our website after the event.

To read more about this exciting exposition and some of the other events being hosted throughout Dublin this week click here to visit their official website -

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