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Gift idea for the holidays: 'Heroes & Villains'

Making a return to the Genesis Publications website is one of our favourite signed limited edition books, Heroes & Villains by David Steen.
Sir Roger Moore: ‘If, as the old saying goes, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words' then I am incapable of counting how many words this brilliant collection of pictures contains.’ 

The new Heroes & Villains microsite (click here) gives a full tour of David Steen's endlessly fascinating book – a beautifully bound, entertaining volume of photographs, anecdotes and stories and a perfect gift for the holidays. 

Pictured left: Shaken not stirred. James Bond's creator, novelist Ian Fleming.  

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We have loved them, and we have loathed them; over 100 of the world’s most emblematic characters have been brought together for the first time in a rare and unseen collection by photojournalist David Steen.