In an original text spanning more than 350 pages, Beck shares anecdotes from his childhood; early bands; The Yardbirds; the Jeff Beck Groups; Beck, Bogert and Appice; and his multi-award-winning solo career.

'Right from the beginning, I've tried to do something with anything I've got hold of. At the age of 13, I built two or three of my own guitars. I painted the frets on. It was fun just to look at it and hold it. I knew where I was headed. Jeff Beck

Read stories of disappearing hot rods, stolen guitars, secret studio sessions and near-catastrophic car crashes. Beck tells of playing with Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, Jimmy Page, Ronnie Wood, Eric Clapton, John McLaughlin, Tina Turner, Rod Stewart, Diana Ross, Scotty Moore, Pete Townshend and many more. His new limited edition is introduced by guitar virtuoso John McLaughlin.

'When asked to write the introduction to this book about Jeff, I thought to myself who better? So I wrote, "Jeff Beck is my all time favorite electric guitarist"... What do I say after that?John McLaughlin


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Jeff Beck

• Signed by Jeff Beck
• 2,000 copies worldwide
• Hand-bound in leather
• Pressed aluminium cover
• Archival case