Paul Weller has reviewed thousands of prints to decide the photographs that make up INTO TOMORROW.

Weller's recording sessions are seen from an insider's perspective, at work on albums such as Wild Wood. Similarly, his tours - from Amsterdam to New York and from the O2 to 100 Club. Shoots have produced album covers such as Modern Classics 1 and 2, As Is Now and Studio 150. Videos have included 'The Changingman' and 'Out of the Sinking'. 

Lawrence Watson: 'Paul's always very involved; he's got a great eye.' 

Paul Weller: 'I'm always looking at what's going on, to see whether I can use it, and write about it. Lawrence is the same. He is always thinking ahead, looking for a backdrop or a certain light, looking for ideas.'


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Into Tomorrow by Paul Weller

Into Tomorrow by Paul Weller

With Photos By Lawrence Watson

• Weller's first-hand account.
• His solo years, '92 to now.
• Over 800 photos selected.
• Handwritten text captions.
• 290 silver-edged pages.
• Hand-bound in leather.
• With acrylic slipcase.
• Exclusive 10” vinyl record.
• Signed by Paul Weller.