Paul Weller: 'I thought it's time to do a book. Me and Lawrence have been working together for more than twenty years. The weirdest thing is that it doesn't seem that long.'

Paul Weller introduces INTO TOMORROW and provides a narrative commentary throughout. In commenting on more than 20 years of photographs, he revisits his entire solo career for the first time. Lawrence Watson tells the story from behind the camera, adding recollections of gigs, recording sessions and tours, from London to San Francisco, to Tokyo and back.

C.Baker, USA: 'The book is an absolute work of art. I am very pleased with every aspect.'

A. Bates, UK: 'I especially like Paul's comments which give such a personal insight.'

M. Bonhomme, Jersey: 'This is my first purchase from you - I am now busy saving for my next!'


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Into Tomorrow by Paul Weller

Into Tomorrow by Paul Weller

With Photos By Lawrence Watson

• Weller's first-hand account.
• His solo years, '92 to now.
• Over 800 photos selected.
• Handwritten text captions.
• 290 silver-edged pages.
• Hand-bound in leather.
• With acrylic slipcase.
• Exclusive 10” vinyl record.
• Signed by Paul Weller.