INTO TOMORROW is published in a limited edition of only 2,000 copies. The first copies, numbered 1 to 350, are Deluxe copies. 

Each Deluxe book is personally signed by Paul Weller and Lawrence Watson, full-bound in leather and housed in a folding solander box with embossed artwork and coloured foils. 

Deluxe copies additionally include an archival giclée (print size: 10" x 12", suitable for framing) of a rare outtake from the Wild Wood sessions. This colour portrait is numbered to match your book, and jointly signed by both Paul Weller and Lawrence Watson.

A unique, limited edition vinyl record is discreetly housed inside the book's back cover. This 7" disc shares previously unreleased live recordings from a performance at the Hammersmith Apollo, selected by Paul Weller for inclusion with INTO TOMORROW


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Into Tomorrow by Paul Weller

Into Tomorrow by Paul Weller

With Photos By Lawrence Watson

• Weller's first-hand account.
• His solo years, '92 to now.
• Over 800 photos selected.
• Handwritten text captions.
• 290 silver-edged pages.
• Hand-bound in leather.
• With acrylic slipcase.
• Exclusive 10” vinyl record.
• Signed by Paul Weller.