INTO TOMORROW is Paul Weller's visual chronicle of his 22-year solo career. Annotated with his own text captions, Weller is retracing his steps in 800 mostly unseen images, now being shared by friend and photographer, Lawrence Watson.

Paul Weller: 'These are photos of how it is: life on the road, life on stage... the reality of it. When he's with us, Lawrence becomes part of the band. We're all on the same mission.'

Paul Weller and Lawrence Watson are signing each of the 2,000 numbered copies in the limited edition INTO TOMORROW book and vinyl set.


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Into Tomorrow by Paul Weller

Into Tomorrow by Paul Weller

With Photos By Lawrence Watson

• Weller's first-hand account.
• His solo years, '92 to now.
• Over 800 photos selected.
• Handwritten text captions.
• 290 silver-edged pages.
• Hand-bound in leather.
• With acrylic slipcase.
• Exclusive 10” vinyl record.
• Signed by Paul Weller.