'I first heard The Beatles accidentally on the radio. I had a feeling I had never experienced before. I was just stunned. I pulled over in my car and stopped by the road, and for a while I stared at the leaves of the trees trembling in the breeze.' - Shimpei Asai

Asai is the only Japanese photographer to have gained access to The Beatles in Tokyo, and his photos have remained unknown to most outside Japan.

They offer an intimate portrait of The Beatles in their first trip to the country, capturing their time on and off stage: performing, painting and experimenting with traditional Japanese instruments.

Following The Beatles from their arrival at Haneda aiport, Tokyo, to their departure for the Philippines, Asai captures everything from their hotel rooms to their live performances, all with a spontaneity which offers a glance into the lives of the Fab Four towards the end of their touring years.

The Photography

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Hello, Goodbye

Hello, Goodbye

Shimpei Asai

• Signed by Shimpei Asai
• Hand-bound in leather
• Cloth-bound slipcase
• Facsimile ticket
• Only 1,966 copies